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ALASTIN Skincare is the fastest-growing physician-dispensed skincare brand. It is an innovative, scientifically-proven, and clinically tested product. Founded in 2015, ALASTIN Skincare provides a comprehensive collection of cutting-edge products for optimal procedure results and daily skincare regimens. TriHex Technology is a patented blend of active peptides and botanicals that elegantly supports your skins’ natural life cycle, promoting the benefits of recycling, rebuilding, and replenishing the skin matrix to maintain a healthy glow and youthful appearance. Alastin Skincare’s products help restore, renew, and strengthen your skin for lasting, lifelong effects.

Restorative Eye Treatment With TriHex Technology®

Restorative Eye Treatment with TriHex Technology® delivers unique benefits to the delicate eye area, which are essential for a rejuvenated appearance.

Skin Care

Restorative Eye Treatment with TriHex Technology® delivers unique benefits to the delicate eye area, which are essential for a rejuvenated appearance.


– It helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the eye

– It diminishes the appearance of puffiness around the eye

– It helps improve the appearance of skin firmness around the eye

– It promotes even skin tone and helps reduce the appearance of dark circles

Restorative Skin Complex With TriHex Technology®

Skin Care

Restorative Skin Complex with TriHex Technology® is the flagship product of the Restore and Renew line. It helps restore and maintain skin for a vibrant, youthful appearance. Emollient formulation with crucial ingredients is also used to help volumize and lift aging skin as well as combat all visible signs of aging.



– It helps support the skin’s natural ability to produce new, healthy elastin and collagen.

– Restores volume to plump up thinning skin

– Improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

– Potent antioxidants help protect the skin from further damage

– Helps even skin tone

1.0 Fl. Oz. 29.6 mL

Regenerating Skin Nectar With TriHex Technology®

Alastin- skin care

This formulation is designed to support the skin, before, during, and after cosmetic procedures. This product works with the skin’s natural regeneration process and is beneficial for faster recovery for post-procedure care.



  • It enhances healthy skin by helping to clear damage and debris in the extracellular matrix
  • It helps support the skin’s natural ability to produce new, healthy elastin and collagen
  • Its high antioxidant activity helps calm the skin and reduce the appearance of redness

1.0 Fl. Oz. 29.6 mL

TriHex Transition Duo

Skin Care

TriHex Transition Duo is for patients undergoing rejuvenating skincare procedures. It includes products that prepare the skin before a procedure, support healing, and outcomes post-procedure. It ensures a smooth transition to ongoing skincare maintenance after healing to help maintain the procedure’s benefits.

The TriHex Transition Duo includes a full-size Regenerating Skin Nectar® for pre-and post-procedure and a transition-size Restorative Skin Complex for ongoing skin maintenance placed in an easy-to-use Duo pack. Both products leverage ALASTIN’s breakthrough TriHex Technology® which maximizes the skin’s natural ability to repair itself and produce new collagen and elastin both before and after anti-aging treatments.

Start with Procedure Enhancement

Regenerating Skin Nectar with TriHex Technology® – 1.0 Fl. Oz. 29.6 mL

– It helps preconditions skin to optimize the procedure

– It calms post-procedure skin

– It supports healing and recovery

– It reduces downtime following the procedure

Transition to Daily Maintenance

Restorative Skin Complex with TriHex Technology® – 0.5 Fl. Oz. 14.8 mL

– It helps restore volume and plump thinning skin

– It improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

– It helps even skin tone

Restorative Neck Complex With TriHex Technology®

Skin Care

Healthcare providers highly recommend ALASTIN Skincare Restorative Neck Complex with TriHex Technology® and skincare experts. It delivers a hydrating treatment that keeps the skin on the neck firm and corrects underlying sun damage in delicate areas of the face and neck.

This neck and décolleté firming treatment specifically addresses the unique challenges of the delicate skin below the chin and above the chest, such as crepey skin and photo-aged discoloration.


– addresses the unique challenges of the delicate skin on the neck and décolleté.

– TriHex Technology® supports the skin’s natural ability to produce new elastin and collagen.

– It works synergistically with neck tightening, toning, and pigmentary procedures.

– It helps minimize the appearance of redness and photo‐aged discoloration.

– It improves the appearance of crepey skin, fine lines, and wrinkles.

1.7 Fl. Oz. 50 mL

Renewal Retinol

Skin Care

Renewal Retinol delivers the critical benefits of retinol. It is universally known for its ability to combat the signs of aging. Active retinol is encapsulated in a solid lipid, resulting in an anti-inflammatory and anti-irritant formula. It can be applied every evening.

(With our Renewal Retinol .5, Retinol-naïve patients should begin 2 to 3 times a week and titrate up.)

  • It diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • It helps smooths skin texture and helps improve skin tone
  • Its anti-irritants and antioxidants calm sensitive skin
  • The Potent hydrators protect against skin dehydration

0 Fl Oz. 29.6 mL

Ultra Nourishing Moisturizer With TriHex Technology®

Skin Care

It is a hydrating moisturizer with exclusive moisture-building ingredients, powerful antioxidants, and soothing skin phytonutrients that help promote and maintain the skin’s barrier function.


  • It nourishes and hydrates the skin
  • Its essential botanicals calm the skin
  • The formulation is fragrance-free and oil-free

The Value of Sunscreen

Basal cell carcinoma is the number-one type of cancer in the United States. It is a type of skin cancer that develops through direct sun exposure. With summer in full swing, it is more important than ever to have sun safety in mind. There are many options for choosing the best Sunscreen protector. Identifying the essential elements and ingredients can help you decide what is best for you.


First Things First: Check the SPF

SPF stands for sun protection factor. It is the interval time frame in which the sunscreen will prevent you from developing a burn from UVB light. Generally speaking, the higher the SPF, the longer you can wait before reapplying. SPF varies by product, but a higher number doesn’t always mean better protection.


Go for Broad Spectrum

To best protect your skin, you need protection from both types of rays. UVB and UVA. UVB rays damage the skin’s upper surface and are the leading cause of sunburn. UVA rays penetrate deeper into the skin and primarily cause the signs of skin aging, wrinkling, pigmentation, and sagging. Both UVA and UVB rays cause skin cancer. To safeguard your skin, opt for labels that promote broad-spectrum coverage, one that fights UVA and UVB light.


Chemical vs. Mineral

Chemical and mineral sunscreens work in different ways. Chemical sunscreens cause chemical reactions to absorb UV rays and release them from the skin. Mineral sunscreens use inorganic compounds that sit on the top of the skin to deflect and scatter rays. A mineral usually refers to the use of titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, or both. More and more brands offer mineral alternatives, especially as potentially unsafe and environmentally hazardous ingredients like oxybenzone and octinoxate lead to more significant chemical usage restrictions. Mineral sunscreens can be less irritating than chemical ones, especially if you have sensitive skin.


Face vs. Body

Facial sunscreens help the pores not to clog and cause acne breakouts. It is especially beneficial for applications before makeup and other skincare products. Sunscreens for the body tend to be thicker and are often better for body parts where sweating is an issue.



Consumer Reports recently tested an array of sunscreen products for label accuracy. The report rated 82 lotions, sprays, sticks, and lip balms in [CR’s] and 32 tested at less than half their labeled SPF number. To avoid unexpected burns due to inferior quality products, purchase sunscreens from reputable brands as they have the resources available to produce affordable, effective, and safe sunscreens.

HydraTint Pro Mineral Broad Spectrum Sunscreen SPF 36

Skin Care

The HydraTint Pro Mineral Broad Spectrum Sunscreen SPF 36 protects the skin from harmful UVA/UVB rays. It shields against environmental pollution and provides a tint with a soft glow for perfect-looking skin.

There are various ways to use sunscreen. Some opt to use this product under the makeup, while others make it an alternative for foundations. VogueShape, and Byrdie, on their releases, recently featured the effectiveness of HydraTint Pro Mineral Broad Spectrum Sunscreen SPF 36.

This is a lightweight, all physical, broad-spectrum sunscreen that provides daily protection from the damaging UVA/UVB rays. It is known for its formulation rich in antioxidants that shield against pollution-induced damage. Its ingredients help improve skin hydration and have a natural tint compatible with all skin types.


– All physical, lightweight formulation

– Broad Spectrum UVA/UVB sun protection

– Environmental pollution protection

– Universal tint enhances most skin tones

Net Wt. 2.6 Oz. 74g

Broad Spectrum SPF 30+ Sunscreen

Skin Care

An elegant, moisturizing 80-minute water-resistant sunscreen formulated with highly effective hydrators. It has antioxidants and skin-soothing phytonutrients. Immediate and daily usage of this product following skin treatments is highly recommendable.


  • Broad Spectrum UVA/UVB sun protection
  • Moisturizing UV protection for the face
  • Ideal for use post-procedure

2.0 Fl Oz. 59.1 mL