Laser Hair Removal

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Laser Hair Removal

About Motus AX

ALCHEMY WEST has a solution for those wanting to be permanently rid of unwanted hair, no matter your skin type, skin color, or hair color. Laser hair removal has been around for many years; however, pain and skin type restrictions have made effective and safe hair removal difficult. If you think about hair removal, you probably think about pain. Plucking, waxing, and frequent shaving are all unpleasant experiences, yet a necessity for most people. Traditional hair removal laser treatments have been around for years. Despite the intense pain associated with this procedure, people have still been attracted to laser hair removal treatments and the prospect of never having to shave or wax again.

Thanks to new laser hair removal technology called Motus AX, hair can be permanently removed painlessly. Motus AX is a new Alexandrite laser that is innovative in more ways than one. It allows for painless laser hair removal, which is a monumental breakthrough, but it also safely works for people with darker skin tones. Unlike traditional laser hair removal treatments that only worked for people with light skin and dark colored hair, Motus AX is effective for all skin types at any time of year.

The Motus AX laser is different because it features a handpiece equipped with a Cooling Sapphire Cylinder Tip. This allows beams of energy to be delivered faster and more efficiently into the skin.

This breakthrough technology provides patients with three major benefits:

    1. Comfortable…..heck yeah.
    2. Super Quick …..most cases less than 10 minutes. Lunchtime appointments…no calories here.
      You’re welcome.
    3. The high-efficacy rate for all skin types. Yay!!…. Good for everyone.


Most patients require six sessions spaced four to six weeks apart to completely remove the hair in a particular area. This is because at any given time only one out of six hairs in the growth phase and only hairs in the growth phase can absorb laser energy down to the root in order to be permanently eliminated. Ultimately, the Motus AX laser will permanently remove 90 to 95 percent of hair in a treated area.

After Care

After your treatment, you will experience zero downtime. The treated hair will fall out within a few weeks and will not grow back. You’re free to resume daily activities without restriction, but you’ll want to make sure to wear sunscreen if your treatment area is exposed to sunlight and use a washcloth or exfoliating tool once a week to gently exfoliate the treated area to decrease the chances for ingrown hairs.

Goodbye to Shaving and Waxing Forever

Now, it’s possible to undergo laser hair removal treatments without the trade-off of severe pain, side effects, or lengthy recoveries. Even if you have a darker complexion, fine hair, or sensitive skin, Motus AX is effective on all skin types. Thanks to its contact cooling technology and advanced high-speed energy, it cuts treatment times in half while delivering double the power without any discomfort.

Whether you need to have unwanted hair removed, reverse acne scars, or reduce signs of aging, ALCHEMY WEST laser hair removal Greenville SC provides the treatments that give you the results you want. We offer many other technologies for skin rejuvenation that produce optimal results when combined with laser hair removal.
So…ummmm……what are you waiting for!!!!

Small Treatment AreaSingle TreatmentPackage of 6 Treatments
Upper Lip$125$600
Neck or Neckline$150$750
Under Arms$150$750
Bikini Line$150$750
Medium Treatment AreaSingle TreatmentPackage of 6 Treatments
Full Face$200$1000
Lower Leg$250$1300
Upper Leg$300$1600
Large Treatment AreaSingle TreatmentPackage of 6 Treatments
Full Arms$275$1400
Full Legs$450$2400
Brown Spots1x3x